Hyphen American at Gallery 102

February 15, 2018 § Leave a comment

Installation from Ethiopian-American artist Helina Metaferia

At Gallery 102 on the campus of George Washington University last week a timely new exhibition opened  to the public, kicking off with riveting performances by three artists from diverse backgrounds addressing the fluidity, ambivalence and anxiety that can come from a hybrid cultural identity. Entitled “Hyphen American,” it features several multidisciplinary and performance artists whose works challenge the dominant perception of immigrant communities and people from different cultural and social backgrounds.

Fittingly, the idea behind Hyphen American came from two first generation Americans whose similar experiences with their own families and community were the force behind their collaboration. Tsedaye Makonnen, an Ethiopian-American multidisciplinary and performance artist and Alexandra “Rex” Delafkaran, an Iranian-American sculptor, performance artist and curator approached the project from the viewpoint of language and the way it can lay

Hector Canonge, NY based Argentinian multidisciplinary artist

bare the fractured nature of cultural identity. Artists with works in the exhibition include Nana Ama Bentsi-Enchill, Ani Bradberry, Nakeya Brown, Hector Canonge, Hoesy Corona, Dominique Duroseau, Lloyd Foster, Baseera Khan, Zavé Martohardjono, Helina Metaferia, Joseph Orzal, Kunj, Marcelline, Mojdeh Rezaeipour, Tariku Shiferaw, Nyugen E. Smith, Sheida Soleimani, Tsige Tafesse, and Fabiola Yurcisin.

Afrofusion TV talked with co-curators Tsedaye and Alexandra, as well as the performing artists at the opening reception: Marcelline, an artist born in Cameroon, Nyugen E. Smith, originally from Haiti and Trinidad, and Hector Canonge from Argentina. The exhibition continues with a performance series on Saturday February 17, featuring artists Nana Ama Bentsi-Enchill, Helina Metaferia, Hoesy Corona, and Kunj. Hyphen American runs at Gallery 102 until March 2nd, ending with a panel talk and reception, free and open to the public. Learn more about Hyphen American here. Bless

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