Bino and Fino: New African Animated Children’s TV Show

November 1, 2010 § 6 Comments

From the creators’ blog: Bino and Fino is “a fun, educational, multilingual children’s cartoon set in modern Africa.” Produced by Nigerian animators from Abuja-based production company EVCL, the series tries to offer an alternative view of Africa to young children on the continent and in the diaspora. And to that I say: AMEN! The paucity of positive and inspiring information about Africa is a nagging source of frustration for those of us trying to rectify the problem. But with the continuous negative, patronizing, humiliating portrayal of Africa on every medium available to children (TV, radio, movies, books), the battle needs to continue, unabated and intensified! That’s what Adamu Waziri, one of the show’s creators, is attempting to do with Bino and Fino. Read More

Congratulations to Nigeria!

October 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Nigerians all over the world celebrated their 50th Independence Anniversary October 1st 2010. In Washington, DC, the Embassy of Nigeria held a diplomatic cocktail in their Chancery. In Georgia, there was a huge parade downtown Atlanta. Over in the Philippines, it was a grand celebration at the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital, Manila, where Nigerians from all over the Island came to wave their green and white flags. Trendy Africa has photos and more information from the Washington, DC celebration here. Celebrations continue over the weekend. For a list of other Nigerian Independence Celebration events in the U.S., you can also check out the Nigerian events calendar.

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