The 4/20 Chronixx “Chronology” Show

April 23, 2017 § Leave a comment

Chronixx at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD

The first single off his soon-to-be released debut album Chronology, “Likes,” has Chronixx warning us about the superficiality of social media hype. But, it’s evident that the most prominent artist at the forefront of the reggae revival has also made very smart use of social media to steadily grow his worldwide fan base. That – together with his critically acclaimed EP Dread and Terrible, the announcement of his Chronology tour, and his February appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show – has made his new disc one of the most eagerly anticipated reggae debut albums. We first heard of Chronixx back when we interviewed the man who coined the term “reggae revival,” author, culture activist and DJ Dutty Bookman. Naturally, seeing Chronixx and his band

Chronixx goes airborne during his performance in Silver Spring, MD

Zincfence Redemption live in concert on April 20 was a must, and although we were not able to interview the artist this time, we can share some photos and a (cell phone) video clip from his show. Fellow Jamaican artist Kelissa, who is also

Reggae musician Kelissa opens for Chronixx in Silver Spring, MD

promoting her new album/EP/Project Spellbound, opened for Chronixx, after a strong DJ set from Max Glazer and Federation Sound. Chronixx heads to Canada next, then upstate New York, before for traveling across the pond for a multi-city tour of the UK. For more information on the reggae revival movement, be sure to check out Dutty’s Dozen, Dutty Bookman’s list of reggae revival artists you need to listen to. For more Chronixx tour dates in Japan and Europe, please visit his website. Bless…

Chronixx on his Chronology tour at the Fillmore in Silver Spring

Chronixx performing live in Silver Spring on his Chronology Tour

Jamaican reggae artist Kelissa performing at the Fillmore in Silver Spring


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