Ziggy Marley’s New Superhero: Marijuana Man

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ziggy Marley

It was all it took for the bloggers at Boomshots to ask Ziggy Marley in a video interview: were you smoking something? Ziggy Marley, son of reggae icon Bob Marley, has been a proud advocate for the legalization of marijuana, and April 20th was no different. On a day of tribute to weed, marijuana, ganja, or however you prefer to refer to that controversial plant, Ziggy Marley’s new comic book was released in stores. And that book features a new superhero: Marijuana Man, who comes from another planet to help save the world through the power of Ganja. The new comic book superhero gains his powers through the plant, but

never by smoking it! How does he do it? You can check out the boomshots interview above to hear Ziggy explain all about Marijuana Man. More on Ziggy: he wrote an open letter to the music website Billboard.com, in which he reveals what April 20th means to him, the powerful properties of marijuana, and his determination to promote it as a peaceful plant. Ziggy’s comic book is a 48-page hardcover graphic novel also available from his website; as a special promotion, you can download a free track from his upcoming album “Wild and Free.” The green revolution is on… Bless…

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