ZIMBABWE: Capleton – “I Feel at Home” | i-reggae, + Morgan Heritage Photos (Interview coming soon!)

January 1, 2011 § 4 Comments

Capleton Answers a question during a press conference in Zimbabwe

Reggae artists from the Caribbean have been finding they have a lot of love waiting for them in Africa. Several artists in the past year have either included African countries in their tour schedules, or have responded to individual countries’ invitations to perform there. Reggae dancehall star Capleton, who is known affectionately as King Shango to his fans, was given royal treatment during his recent stop in Zimbabwe. He is the 11th reggae star to visit Zimbabwe in recent years. In an interview with Zimbo Jam, he admitted that he had not expected that kind of welcome. Throngs of fans were waiting for him, 

Capleton's motorcade through Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

many of them children who ran for miles just to catch a glimpse of this dancehall icon. You can continue reading the post and view more pictures here:  ZIMBABWE: Capleton – “I Feel at Home” | i-reggae.

Meanwhile, Morgan Heritage has wrapped up their own show in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and they graciously agreed to an interview with Afrofusion. You’ll be able to watch that interview here very soon, as well as some video of their massive show at the National Stadium. For now here’s a gallery of photos from that show. Morgan Heritage’s love for Sierra Leone is unmistakable, and their fans there obviously love them back! Bless…

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§ 4 Responses to ZIMBABWE: Capleton – “I Feel at Home” | i-reggae, + Morgan Heritage Photos (Interview coming soon!)

  • […] clips from their show at the stadium. There are photos from that event that you can check out in my previous post. […]

  • elyahtoni111 says:

    I like the way in which Reggae Music Ambassadors, Morgan Heritage, Capleton,Buju Banton(to name only a few}
    have taken Reggae music to the next level in light of the vision which Bob Marley had; Of uniting all Africans in the diaspora and the motherland, in love, using Reggae as the medium. Whenever we see these concerts or tours, there is a certain mystic exuberance which is felt not only by the entertainers, but by all.
    The response to this kind of energy that is emitted, is rather gratifying,and electrifying. It allows every music lover from all walks of life, to wonder; If Bob Marley were to be alive, how satisfying it would make him feel, that his works are still being executed by those he left behind. Though the mission is still incomplete, we in the diaspora are quite assured that we are closer toward the finish line of the dream becoming more a reality, than just a pipeline dream.
    This task, obviously, was not an easy one to start out with,more so now as we all can see, the passion and dedication which all the artists have invested in this mission. I speak for myself, when I say, a big humungous “Thank you” to all the aforementioned Ambassadors of Reggae Music, for their tremendous efforts in the Unification of all Africans.

    • elyatoni,
      So many people on the African continent were able to identify with reggae music early on, and Bob Marley’s music in particular seemed to speak directly to them. It is surely a continuation of what he, and most roots reggae artists, wished for. We’ll get there! Thanks for commenting!

  • emmanuel karani says:

    love æ bless.

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