Crazy Legs Talks about Breakdance and Hip Hop in Uganda

November 12, 2010 § 4 Comments

Back in the late 80s when some radio stations were still reluctant to play rap music, Public Enemy’s Chuck D vowed he’d one day “treat it like a seminar, reach

Crazy Legs

the bourgeois and rock a boulevard…” Hip hop’s reach has, of course, extended way past the bourgeois; beyond what most people imagined at that time. In the late 70s, a group of young kids rose from poor, seemingly hopeless conditions in South Bronx, New York to create amazingly beautiful art and become the world-famous Rock Steady Crew. Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón, one of the original members of that crew, recently took a trip to Uganda to teach seminars and workshops on breakdancing. He was invited by Abraham “Abramz” Tekya, a young visionary B-Boy who started  Breakdance Project Uganda to uplift and empower disadvantaged youth using hip hop and breakdancing.

In the new documentary film Bouncing Cats, which details the heroic efforts of Abramz and his organization, Crazy Legs reveals the heartbreak and inspiration

Crazy Legs and Abramz talk to the media

he felt once he got there: “You see all these people struggling and hustling…I couldn’t believe how bad things were for them.” Things may have been rough growing up in the South Bronx, but watching the Ugandan children and their passion and desire to learn made Crazy Legs reflect on his own formative years, and it reaffirmed the power of hip hop both in his own life, and globally. “Afrika Bambaataa always told us to use hip hop as a tool,” he said. And that’s precisely what Abramz is doing in Uganda with BPU. It’s impossible to watch the documentary and not come away completely awed by Abramz and the work he’s done there. His project has fearlessly educated, inspired and united thousands of Ugandan children from all strata of society. And he’s not the only one; Bouncing Cats also features the work of Okot Jolly Grace of Invisible Children, and program director of HEALS, which provides

Riziki with Nabil Elderkin and Abramz

therapy for children in Northern Uganda affected by the war. Afrofusion TV was honored to meet Jolly Grace, Abramz, Crazy Legs and the film’s Director Nabil Elderkin at the film’s screening at National Geographic in Washington, DC. I already wrote about the documentary and posted the trailer in an earlier entry, which you can read hereBouncing Cats needs a distributor and is looking to spread the good word about the amazing work being done by Breakdance Project Uganda. Please visit the film’s website and donate; it’s 100% tax-deductible, and proceeds go towards building a permanent facility for BPU. Try to catch the movie when it comes to your town; trust me, it will move you. Bless…

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§ 4 Responses to Crazy Legs Talks about Breakdance and Hip Hop in Uganda

  • Aminata says:

    As I mentioned on my Facebook posting, I was touch with admiration, sorrow, laughter and most importantly, the enthusiasm these kids have – to hold on to something (break dancing) that brings joy, hope, and a deeper sense of relationship with one another and looking up to their inspirer Abramz, is beyond explanation. This documentary touch every aspects of our lives as Africans. One way or the other, we or our people have and still are experience the same situation. Bouncing Cats is not just about the Breakdance Project Uganda, it’s about all of us, Africans.

  • mugerwa rogers says:

    I just pray to God to still bless the project cause what it had done to our communities in uganda, one can think that Abramz came from another planet from the way he brings back lost souls and broken heart of the young,the youth and the adult from all corners of uganda is amazing.

  • Proteus says:

    I Just Seen The Preview In Vegas And Man All I Want To Say Is Thank You For Making This Film. I Always Knew There Was People Out There Struggling To Better Themselves Through The Hip Hop Culture But Not At A Depth Like This. It Was An Amazing Story And I Loved It……

  • Hey! The US television premiere of Bouncing Cats on the Documentary Channel is Nov. 19th at 8pm ET/PT.

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