Video: Gyptian Live at Crossroads!

October 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

Gyptian blesses the mic

It was a wee bit nippy last night as patrons huddled next to each other in the long line outside Crossroads Nightclub and Restaurant. But just as I suspected, most of them were probably die-hard fans of Gyptian, the Jamaican reggae artist who was scheduled to perform live there in a couple of hours. The show was a special treat to the regular crowd of Crossroads’ “Liquid Wednesdays” staple, but tonight, Gyptian pulled out much more than just the college base. 

Gyptian calling for a response...

DJ Easy Street from the Radio One station WKYS 93.9 kept both young and middle-aged in a fluid, steady mass, prepping them for the main event with dancehall and hip hop tunes. By the time he arrived onstage, Gyptian was stepping into a cauldron of energy that had reached near boiling point. Needless to say, he proceeded to just kill it. It

Gyptian Live at Crossroads

seemed the whole crowd knew all the lyrics to all the tunes he served up that night. But when he got to his smash hit “Hold Yuh,” he didn’t even need to do much singing; the fans had him like a church choir doing backup duty! A big thank you to Lisa at Crossroads for allowing Afrofusion TV all access to this great event. We were allowed to shoot one song; guess which one we chose?? Here’s a sneak peek for all you lovers rock/dancehall/Gyptian fans! More pictures from the show in the Photo Gallery. Bless…

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§ 2 Responses to Video: Gyptian Live at Crossroads!

  • Akua says:

    This show was amazing. I was so excited to be there. Gyptian mashed it up as expected!!!! How can I get the pictures that I took with him?

  • Danna LABOR says:

    Saw the clip, seem like everyone was having d “tightest hold they eva seen inna their life ohhhh”

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